Marketing EGP

A vital element of any project financed by Innovate UK, is to disseminate the results to a professional and academic audience - as well as marketing and selling any products developed.

Exploitation Strategy

All partners are contributing to dissemination and exploitation activities.

The Exploitation Manager will cooperate with the technical and commercial staff of all participants. He will coordinate all exploitation related issues within the Partners (patents, licenses, diffusion activities, etc.) and will also be in charge of coordinating possible negotiations concerning exploitation issues between the Partners and external parties will coordinate all project results exploitation activities in collaboration with the Work Package leader including:

• Joint venture (or independent business) – A discussion will be undertaken at month 36 to consider the possibility of setting up the joint venture, or transferring the technologies to enterprises inside or outside the Partners, after completing the project.

• Technology implementation/development plan – Technology implementation/development plan will be formulated at Month 30.

• Commercial plan – Commercial plan will be an issue related to operation of a joint venture or an independent business.

• Financial plan – Financial plan refers to issues related to investment for the technologies and solutions. It is likely that the industrial participants will invest on the technologies by raising funds, setting-up production lines and workshops; whereas the Universities will provide technical supports, laboratory testing and personnel training across the whole process.

The UoN Technology Transfer Officer, who is experienced in collaboration and technology transfer between academia and industry, will assist the Work Package leader, Ray Luke (SLR) and the dissemination group manager, Andrew Cunningham (GGP) in the dissemination and exploitation activities.

The University of Nottingham has a Research Transfer Group based in Research Innovation Services (RIS). This group comprises experienced technology transfer staff, intellectual property lawyers and commercial managers and is responsible for ensuring the protection and exploitation of any intellectual property generated within the University's research projects.