EGP: A revolution in heating - from the ground up!

Heating our homes - and supplying enough hot water - is getting more and more expensive. Fossil fuels - gas, coal, oil - won't last forever... and every day the more we burn, the more we are warming the planet.

It's time for a new approach.

The ground beneath our feet stays at the same temperature all year round - and humans have been tapping it for heat for hundreds of years. But it's always been expensive to get that heat - until now.

EGP is all about affordable heating - at no cost to the earth. And possibly at no cost to you either, as the Government pays you to generate energy this way! We've developed a new way to get the necessary pipes into the ground at a much lower cost than traditional systems - making EGP a genuine competitor to gas central heating.

Perfect for new build - or replacing your old boiler

Every project is different, every home is different - so talk to us today about your requirements.

We can design and arrange to install an EGP system that will save the planet and save you money, thanks to the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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The EGP project - supported by Innovate UK

EGP is a partnership project between the University of Nottingham and a number of commercial organisations, backed by the Government's research investor Innovate UK.

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