How will the project be delivered?

Project Work packages

Overall project to be led by GGP with tasks spread amongst 6 work packages over 3 years.

WP1: Management (GGP) – all programming, decision making and review duties. Led by GGP, WP1 will involve regular interaction between appointed Project Manager, project steering committee, WP leaders, team members and project officer from Innovate UK.

WP2: Mathematical modelling, design and optimisation of GHE to maximise heat/mass transfer (UoN, GGP, EPS and PH) – Led by UoN, WP2 will develop a mathematical models to predict the performance of the novel Ground Heat Exchanger analyse the heat and mass transfer mechanism to improve its performance.

WP3 Prototype development, construction and lab-testing (UoN, GGP, EPS) – led by GGP, WP3 will develop EfficientGeoTech product prototype using various materials including steel, or copper. The heat exchanger efficiency and heat transfer rate will be compared with conventional Ground heat exchanger.

WP4 Outdoor testing/model validation and optimisation by using the experimental setup from WP3 and modelling developed in WP2: Field trials of the EfficientGeoTech prototypes in the Passive house applications in Nottingham (GGP, PH, UoN, EPS, and SRL) -led by PH (specialised in using heat pump in passive houses,

WP4 will combine EfficientGeoTech with the Ground Source Heat Pump. The site is in Nottingham, with 8 highly efficient houses built at PassivHaus Standards. The overall heat transfer coefficients of the GHE systems will be tested and the results will be compared with those values of conventional ground heat exchanger.

WP5: LCA, economic and environmental assessment (GGP, SRL, UoN) – led by GGP, WP5 will carried out LCA and environmental sustainability assessment. The carbon emission reduction for manufacturing and utilising the EfficientGeoTech products compared with the conventional HPs.

WP6: Dissemination & exploitation (SRL, GGP, UoN and all) – to be overseen by all partners but led by SRL and UoN, running in parallel with all other activity. To comprise market review and monitoring, development of high profile case study, product demonstration in-situ and at events. A project exploitation manager also to be appointed.

Partner Lists

Participant No.Participant Legal NameShort NameCountryOrganisation Type
1(Lead)Geo Green Power LtdGGPUKSME
2University of NottinghamUoNUKHE
3Environmental Process System LtdEPSUKSME
4Positive Homes LtdPHUKSME
5Solar Ready LtdSRLUKSME