Benefits of the project

Summary of the Principal Benefits

The list below provides a high level overview of the anticipated economic, social and environmental benefits that the realisation of the EfficientGeoTech key features will potentially bring.

1.1. Benefits to consortium members:

• The project will open opportunities in selling and installing a new ground source heat pump package or product for GGP. Due to the low capital cost of the technology, it is expected to gain a high volume of demand from the end-users.

• EPS will expand its business in manufacturing of the innovative Thermal Pipe as the Ground Source Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps, Refrigerant and the selected nano/micro-conductive materials and enhancing its market competitiveness by applying the EfficientGeoTech products in a space and domestic hot water heating system.

• Solar Ready Ltd (SLR), will benefit in the manufacturing of low-carbon technology , power management system and PV roof integration with the electro-osmotic flow.

• Positive homes (PH) will have a new package of a low cost renewable heating system for its passive house market, and it will also offer to their customers for building retrofit purposes.

• Collectively, all the partners: GGP, EPS, SLR and PH will benefit from intimate advance knowledge of and early access to the product and its application.

• A further 80 jobs would come on stream across subcontracted functions delivering products engineering, design and assembly functions in marketing, finance and sales plus operational personnel in manufacture, installation and service/maintenance.

• GGP, EPS and PH will acquire new insights into a novel GSHPs installation , leading to enhanced capability in their consultancy activities.

• SLR will acquire new insights into developing a new power management system integrating heat pumps technology, photovoltaic system and electro-osmotic flow system.

• UoN will acquire new insights into lightweight materials, leading to enhanced capabilities and wider impacts for other projects.

• Collectively all partners will benefit from new business leads, relationships and creation of shared IP. The funding requested from the Innovate UK will be £684,900. This is expected to produce £1.5M/annum and 180 jobs by year 3 after the project completion.

• The impact arising from the project is likely to have significant benefits in the following areas: industries, nation, environment, researchers and their institutions. This is specifically described as below:

1.2. Benefits out the consortium members:

• The project will demonstrate to house builders and local authorities' significant potential for reducing buildings' energy consumption.

• Such improvements would benefit future occupants by reducing their heating costs and thus improving their standard of living.

• The work will also help more broadly in enhancing public awareness that sustainable heating is feasible if technologies are properly developed.

• The applications of EfficientGeoTech for residential dwelling, office buildings, or even animal housing and greenhouses, will lead to significant energy and material savings as the manufacturing process of EfficientGeoTech consumes less energy with less carbon emission.

• Energy and labour cost savings as the assembly of EfficientGeoTech system are very fast and easy without high-cost instruments requirement as in conventional GSHP installation.

• Reduced time, labour cost and energy for maintenance as the EfficientGeoTech system minimises the maintenance requirement.

• Wider societal benefits will be realised through use of UK based suppliers, creating many new skilled jobs in the supply chain including consultation, and manufacturing and installation of the novel ground heat exchanger, and power management system involving renewable sources from photovoltaic systems and ground source heat pumps.

1.3. Environment:

• The proposed project would require minimal land use for installation and utilisation, minimising the environmental and visual impact on the landscape.

• The research will benefit to cease fossil fuel energy consumption and help protect natural environment due to reduced carbon emission Assuming that the CO2 emission factor of electricity is 0.4222 kg/kWh, with COP of 4.5, the result in the emission of CO2 is approximately 0.093 kg CO2 per KWh.

Compared with a typical gas boiler of 85% efficiency (assuming a CO2 emission factor of 0.194kg/KWh), the carbon savings of the proposed GSHP will be higher by 60% , and will have a high COP value making the company and the project partners more competitive in the GSHP market either in the UK or worldwide.

Identified Beneficiaries

• Individuals/ Household members: EfficientGeoTech system will be used by individuals for efficiently load shifting and matching of production with consumption, thermal energy solutions that will improve their quality of life and have a variety of other positive impacts.

• Manufacturers, suppliers and installers of Heat exchangers, refrigerant, heat pump, and power management system: The success of the project will promote the use of a novel type of GSHP system and this will open new business opportunities for various manufacturers and providers.

• Maintenance/service providers: It is expected that EfficientGeoTech system will have several benefits for maintenance/service providers due to the limited service requirements needed.

• Engineers: EfficientGeoTech solutions are great opportunity to be followed by the engineers dealing with energy system evaluation to improve the application of new heating/cooling technologies on residential buildings.

HVAC companies: HVAC companies external to the partners will benefit from the EfficientGeoTech solution by exploiting its several technical and software capabilities.

HVAC industry: EfficientGeoTech system is novel heating/cooling technologies that can be combined with the existing HVAC or gas boiler technologies to promote energy efficient industrial products for residential buildings.

• Energy experts Community: The project results could be exploited to accelerate the understanding of EfficientGeoTech solutions. Energy experts Community could support its penetration while in parallel investigate its applicability in non-residential buildings.

• Academia and Research Bodies: The scientific community will take benefit of the EfficientGeoTech project findings throughout the whole duration of the project and the partners will improve their expertise and consolidate their position.

• Educational organisations: EfficientGeoTech findings regarding the adaptation of the developed technologies system can be exploited through (i) education, (ii) knowledge transfer, (iii) energy assistance and advice, by several educational organisations.

• Energy Consultants: EfficientGeoTech project provides a new vision in the economic assessment of ground source heat pump enhancement technique that could be exploited by the energy consultants.