About us

We're not like other housebuilders

Who we are, and why we do it

We don't build really high quality new homes by accident - we do it because of our values. Because of who we are, and what motivates us.

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We are passionate about building new energy efficient, sensibly priced homes

Every home we build has solar panels, LED lighting as standard – and much more, all designed to save you money

We work with councils and public bodies to regenerate surplus and difficult sites

Build and sell at similar prices to the big developers

We believe all new homes should be built to the highest standards – and last you a lifetime.

The Positive Homes difference

The housebuilding sector is notoriously conservative. The way houses are built hasn't really changed in decades – and we all pay a price for it: Poorly built houses, which cost a small fortune to heat and pump out far too much planet-killing CO2.

By contrast, we want to innovate in every area – design, foundations, building fabric, fit out, energy generation, surfacing materials and the environment.

We've made a good start: Every Positive Home is in the top 1% in the country for energy efficiency, saving our buyers hundreds of pounds a year (as well as being better for the environment).

Backed by money from Innovate UK (The Government's industry investment fund), we are working with The University of Nottingham and other like-minded companies to develop new ways to heat homes from the natural heat in the ground, while improving the quality of air we breathe indoors.

But our biggest innovation is in culture: We are developing a way of building that sees all contractors work together and engage positively in our agenda – one where health and safety and quality come equal first.

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Read our latest 'about us' - or watch this 90 second video, which explains why it's so important to build our homes to a much higher standard.