Why buy a Positive Home?

We are passionate about building new energy-efficient, sensibly priced family homes.

All our homes come with solar panels, LED lighting, LOADS of insulation and more as standard, all designed to save you money.

We're always thinking about the future: Our homes produce almost no CO2 – helping to save the planet.

And we invest in research – working with universities and like-minded companies to develop better ways to build and heat our homes.

The Newlands, Newark, 2021

The Newlands is our development of nine, super-energy efficient, 3-bed homes in Fernwood, Newark.

Set in a secluded cul-de-sac, but only a minute from the A1, it was the perfect place to buy a home - which is why they were all sold really quickly (despite Covid!) Every home came with solar panels to keep energy bills down and was built to an incredibly high standard - not on the site, but in a factory before being craned into position.

And the judges of the prestigious 2021 Offsite Awards agreed - awarding us the highest prize in the 'private development of the year' category.

Find out what our first resident Sam thought when the BBC came to visit him - and how pleased he was with his 85p a day energy bills!

Who we are

Every home we build is to the very highest standards. Our whole approach is completely different to the big house builders: All our homes are precision-engineered to make sure you have a great space to live from day one.

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What we build

We ONLY build super energy efficient, 'A' rated homes. ALL our homes have solar panels and other features, putting them in the top 1% in the country for energy efficiency – which means much lower bills, and much cleaner air.

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Building the future

When you buy a Positive Home, you're investing in your family's future – but also in your community too. We always try to buy local and hire local people. We improve the environment. And we invest in local facilities.

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Where we build

We are always looking for sites across the East Midlands and beyond. Want to see low energy homes for first time buyers in your community? Tell us if you know a site! Why not have a look at what we've built so far?

Our portfolio

Super low energy homes that don't cost the Earth

Low energy LED lighting

All the lights in our homes are LED. Why? Because as well as being better for the planet, they also save you a lot of money! Even if you left all your lights on, all the time, you would barely notice it on your electricity bills.

Zero carbon homes

By building to a much higher standard, our homes need much less energy to heat – and we are aiming to build 'net zero' carbon homes as soon as possible. We are also cutting the amount of concrete and other planet-damaging products.

Solar power as standard

Every Positive Home comes with free solar panels. Even on the darkest winter day, they will generate electricity – and you own them outright. Unlike others, we don't 'rent a roof' – meaning you will be earning money as well as getting free power from day one (if you're on the right tariff...)

Let there be light!

We only use the best double or triple glazed windows - and make them as big as possible (unlike so many other new homes). Light is vital for all of us to feel good - but bad windows, badly fitted, mean a lot of cold air coming in, and higher heating bills. We do it right and save you money!

Healthy, clean homes

Poor air creates condensation and mould. So a Positive Home has a mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) or mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system - which cleans all the air coming into your home, while making sure air can circulate properly.

Latest Developments


An exclusive development of nine, 3-bedroom homes. Each home comes with off-street parking, great kitchens and bathrooms, plus really low energy bills!

The ideal first family home, packed full of features.

And because they are precision engineered in a factory, before being craned into position in just a few days, the quality is so much better than anything you can buy from one of the national housebuilders.

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